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This is the unit where the paint and undercoat are removed from the wagon and where it is made ready for re-paint.


This is the unit where the vehicle body is painted by providing equal surface quality through the painting lift.


  • Komponent Montajı
    This is the unit where all components (both interior and exterior) of the vehicle body are assembled.
  • Electiricity Unit
    This is the unit where all exterior and interior electricity system installation and measuring tests are carried out with modern equipment.
  • Braking Unit
    This is the unit where the braking system of the vehicle body is installed.
  • Air Conditioning
    This is the unit where the air conditioning system is installed.


This is the section where bogie manufacturing and installation are carried out.


Controls are performed by both technical equipment and precise inspection.


SKW-30 Cyclone Type Sandblasting Unit

Width                    :   6.000 mm

Length                  : 30.000 mm

Height         :   6.000 mm

Thanks to the wet dust cleaning cyclone sytem which vacuums 22.000 m3/h air (450 m3 air/min.), the dust amount stays between 0,5 and 0,9 mg, although the maximum legal amount is 20 mg.

Due to the dust cleaning by water, the environmentally conscious vacuuming allows the system to be used universally. In addition to this, the personnel sandblast in their special costume and by using panorama type protective mask connected to the fresh air regulator. Thanks to these systems high standards are ensured for the health of the personnel in the sandblasting unit. By use of two “nozulla” (??) grids (steel granules), paint and undercoat are removed from the surface of the vehicle body and the surface becomes ready for repainting. By means of the system, a vehicle body is made ready for painting once in every two days by sandblasting.


DSSV-30 Painting Unit

Width                    :   6.000 mm

Length                  : 30.000 mm

Height         :   5.500 mm

Painting unit enables dust cleaning through the filter and by use of the 2x35.000 m3/h capacity fresh air fan station, 2x34.500 m3/h capacity exhaust air fan station and with 0,40 m/second speed waffle slab ceiling filter and planum systems. Due to the special design of waffle slab ceiling filter system, the filter operates with %99 capacity performance. Waffle slab ceiling filter system and Planum systems are of 112/600 type.

Air amount / Pump Strength      : 920 pa

Amount of Dust Vacuumed                  : >10 micron

Total filter space                 : 150 m2

Total Air Space                : 180 m2

By means of the air refreshing system (DCU 35 type) which has got 35.000 m3/h air capacity and 583 m3/min. vacuum speed and DCT-2 bag type filter system, ventilation within the closed area and comfortable working atmosphere has been provided without slightest harm to the environment.

By means of the burner with 110/140 -246 kw 94,6/120,4-211,6 Mca/h capacity, the vehicle body which has been painted in an 70 Celsius degree oven can be dried in a day. This is both time saving and quality enhancing. Use of (Wall-Lift) wall painting lift helps the personnel work efficiently and it enables equal painting on each surface and ensures the painting quality.


  • Component Assembly
    This is the unit where the exterior components of the vehicle body, such as side and rear doors, draw frames, buffers, vehicle edges, stairs and the interior components like wc/shower, armchair/bed, doors, covering, walls, and panels are assembled. In the Manufacture Shop the components of 12 wagons, in the Repair Shop 4 vehicle bodies can be assembled at the same time. Trained technical staff, machinery and equipment allow increase craftsmanship quality to the high standards.
  • Electiricity
    This is the unit where all exterior and interior wiring and electricity apparatus of the vehicle body are assembled. This is probably the most important process where experienced technical staff and most precise equipment and machinery are employed at every phase.
  • Braking
    Here the braking installation is carried out and tested meticulously. Braking installation is the most important phase of the assembly where the passenger safety is the highest concern.
  • Air Conditioning
    This is the unit where installation of air-conditioning systems and testing is carried out.


Here TSI and EN15085 certificated Y32 type bogie manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the international standards. The manufacture shop is very well organized and reinforced with 25-tone-lifters and 50-tone-pressers with digital indicators.


Quality Control consists of control steps which are recorded by SAVASAS ISO 9001 safety system. After each specified installation phase, conformity of the installation is controlled and registered by the authorized person.

  • Controls by machinery : 
    Precise controls are carried out by our experienced testing team with modern equipment.
  • Inspection:
    Inspection is carried out by the experienced control team who watches for the installation non-conformances and detects the final process of installations that has an effect on each other. The team tries to resolve the non-conformity problems.

Tests Performed by the Quality Control Unit

  • Wagon Sprinkling Test:
    This is performed by taking the wagon into the high-pressure multi-point sprey testing area. In this test, non-conformances are detected and removed.
  • Wagon Electiricity and Earthing Test:
    In this test, possible electricity leakages, crushed and scraped cables are detected and provisions are made. The test is carried out by releasing voltage into the cables according to their thickness, quality and the power load they can carry.
  • Air Conditioning test:
    It includes the cooling of the wagon and its detection.
  • Braking Test:
    It includes brake line tightness, main reservoir impermeability and brake line cylinder tests.
  • Door Test:
    Danger switches and their functioning at the opening and closing of the doors are tested along with the communication synchronization.
  • Sanitation :
    • Water installations, which were controlled in the impermeability tests, are tested again. Water heaters, water boosters and plumbing fixtures are tested by water.